VIROSTOP offers prevention and protection against infectious viruses, including COVID-19

This unique nasal and oral sprays contain a combination of natural active substances, a special extract obtained from the plant Cistus Creticus, which contains polyphenols in a concentrated form, enhances the effect of the other components to kill the virus before it multiplies and invades your cells.

The derivatives of the Cistus plant have the power to destroy the protective outer ‘shell’ of a virus which in turn prevents the virus from attaching to your cells and multiplying, dragging you down with the flu.

Dr. István Jankovics, an internationally recognised scientist, doctor, virologist, and microbiologist who has been involved researching the flu virus since graduating in 1979, said:

“The ViroStop sprays are designed to provide the closest thing to an ongoing protective mask. They kill and blocks germs in the nasal passage and throat, which will be a key part of staying well as we return to normality. With schools and offices re-opening this month and hospitality to follow in a few weeks the use of ViroStop, along with hand sanitising and wearing a face mask, will mean that you are significantly more protected and at less risk of contracting and spreading harmful viruses.

ViroStop oral and nasal sprays contain natural active ingredients. The composition enables long-term and secure use.