Virostop Oral Spray


ViroStop oral spray has a special extract obtained from Cistus creticus, which contains polyphenols in a concentrated form. It provides a physical defense by creating a protective film on the mucous membrane that can help to prevent the penetration of bacteria and viruses into the body

30 ml

One time purchase

Experts from the Hungarian Complex Medical Centre Déli Clinic in Budapest, led by virologist and clinical microbiologist dr. István Jankovics, in their research mainly focused on the effects of polyphenols of cistus creticus. These polyphenols bind well to the surface of viruses and cells and disrupt their protein envelope, increasing their inhibitory effect. In vitro studies have shown that extracts from cretan cyst are able to prevent the virus from multiplying.

    Use Virostop it if you are at risk of infection.

    Also start to use immediately at the first signs of cold / sore throat, sneezing / before cold/flu develops. 

    Intended for adults and children over 3 years.

    Prevention: Apply 2 times daily into the mouth, children older than 3 years is given 2 x 2 sprays per day. If you are at higher risk of infection, you can use it more times a day.

    In the case of an acute condition: Apply 3 times daily into the mouth, children older than 3 years is given 3 x 2 sprays a day.

    The preparation is not recommended to use by more than one person at a time - risk of infection.

    Aqua, Echinacea purpurea extract, Acerola extract, Cistus creticus extract, Salvia officinalis extract,Citrus bioflavonoid complex, Mentha aroma, Acesulfame K, Kalium sorbat

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