Stretch marks during pregnancy- prevention and treatment

Stretch marks are results of sudden growth, when the skin rapidly stretches, it’s trying to adapt to the growing volume. During pregnancy the marks are most often located on the abdomen, but they can be visible on thighs, hips, breasts and buttocks as well. Initially, they have a distinctive red to violet color, but they will gradually fade and remain white to silver. Prevention is therefore essential.

The Gyntima Stretch mark emulsion has a unique combination of biotechnological peptides, that effectively copes with the different mechanisms causing stretch marks. First of all it protects the connective tissue from degradation and helps to reconstruct the disrupted collagen and elastin fibers.  The Gyntima emulsion not only helps in prevention, but it can remove already formed stretch marks in the process until they are pink to purple color.

Another important element of the preparation is high quality hyaluronic acid in two molecular sizes. The regenerating stretch mark emulsion contains hyaluronic acid from pure sources-  propagated from lactic yeast. Hyaluronic acid with larger molecules creates a fine film on the surface of skin to help maintain skin moisture. Hyaluronic acid with smaller molecules is able to penetrate into deeper skin layers, where binds and locks water molecules. Active ingredients moisturize the skin, nourish collagen fibers and treat the surface and deeper layers of the skin. They increase skin elasticity and improve its tone.

With regular use the Gyntima Stretch Mark emulsion visibly reduces existing stretch marks, and the skin acquires a healthy look.



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