Prevention Kit

Gyntima Probiotica vaginal suppositories (10 pcs) + Gyntima intimate wash gel (150 ml)

As early prevention is always extremely important, applying Gyntima Probiotica suppositories can have many positive long term effects which not only helps prevent infections but overall keeps a healthy balance within your vagina.

The Gyntima Intimate Washing Gel is effective, gentle, refreshing and made for women’s everyday intimate hygiene. It contains natural ingredients as pinarol and aloe vera, the lactic acid regulates pH and hydrates.

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The Prevention kit includes full-size products to help maintain a healthy vagina and to restore a lactobacillus dominated environment. Vaginal suppositories Probiotica are recommended for a long-term use; especially if you use antibiotics or other bacteria-destroying remedies which damaged the natural vaginal flora with their drastic disinfectants, if you have a discharge, while taking the contraceptive pill or contraceptive devices placed in the uterus, after visiting swimming pools, after sexual intercourse.
For prevention apply the suppositories twice a week, long-term, after the evening hygiene routine. Apply the washing gel on moist body and rinse thoroughly.

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