Pregnancy Kit

Gyntima Hyaluronic + Gyntima Stretch mark emulsion + Gyntima washing gel

During and after pregnancy, birth or gynecological examinations may damage the vaginal mucosa. Gyntima Hyaluronic supports tissue healing.  Stretch marks are scars that are created by the interruption of collagen and elastin fibers, when the skin has to adapt very quickly to increasing volume. Therefore, especially during pregnancy, prevention and treatment is essential. The Gyntima Stretch Mark regenerating emulsion has been specifically developed to reduce stretch marks and prevent their formation.

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The Pregnancy kit includes full-size products to promote healthy cell proliferation, re-epithelialization of the damaged tissues. The stretch mark cream helps to treat already formed stretch marks and also prevents the appearance of new ones. It is recommended to use from the first trimester of the pregnancy. Gyntima Intimate Washing Gel is effective, gentle, refreshing and made for a woman’s everyday intimate hygiene, helping prevent vaginal infections.
10 days depending on the level of symptoms, 1×1 suppository, preferably after evening bath. As a prevention, use the product in long term, weekly 2×1 suppository. The stretch mark cream should be applied daily on the affected parts.

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