Rejuvenating Kit

Gyntima Intimate lifting cream + Gyntima Intimate foam + Gyntima Hyaluronic vaginal suppositories

Whether because of aging, childbirth or hormone changes, there might be periods when women would feel the need to regenerate and tighten their vaginal skin. The Gyntima products offer a safe, non-invasive, effective solution for intimate regeneration and rejuvenation. Due to the high amount of active substances- with regular use- the skin becomes soft, smooth and supple.

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The Rejuvenating kit includes full-size products to gently regenerate, rejuvenate and strengthen the skin of the intimate area. The Gyntima Hyaluronic suppositories acts from the inside, they contain hyaluronic acid, which supports tissue healing. The increased moisture content of the vagina promotes healthy cell proliferation and accelerates the epithelialization of the damaged tissues. The lifting cream restructures the skin of the intimate area (labia and surroundings) and has a lifting effect. The intimate foam is a suitable supplement to vaginal suppositories with optimal pH.
1×1 suppository for 10 days, preferably in the evening, after washing before going to bed. As a prevention, use the product in long term, weekly 2×1 suppository. Apply the Lifting cream 2 times a day for 2 months to achieve visible effect.

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