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Gyntima Hyaluronic vaginal suppositories

Gyntima Hyaluronic vaginal suppositories

Sooth and heal vaginal injuries and ease symptoms of vaginal atrophy


The unique composition of vaginal suppository Gyntima Hyaluronic facilitates the regeneration of the vaginal mucosa and increases its moisture content. The product contains hyaluronic acid, which supports tissue healing. The increased moisture content of the vagina promotes healthy cell proliferation and accelerates the epithelialization of the damaged tissues.

Due to the lactic acid content, the vaginal suppository provides an acid mantle protecting the vagina. It supports the optimal growth of the lactic acid bacteria. These lactic acid producing cell cultures protect against harmful bacterial infections and they provide a natural biological balance.

(Packaging: 10 vaginal suppositories)


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More information:

The use of GYNTIMA Hyaluronic is suggested in the following cases:

For vaginal injuries:

  • after birth,
  • in case of gynecological interventions, which may damage the vaginal mucosa,
  • after regular use of tampons, that might scrape the vaginal wall’s epithelium lining,
  • after sexual intercourse, which can cause minor injuries to the vaginal wall


Irritation caused by vaginal dryness:

  • in case of taking hormonal contraceptives, which can lead to hormonal changes causing vaginal dryness,
  • under certain treatments (eg. radiotherapy),
  • while taking certain medications (eg. chemotherapy),
  • psychological reasons (eg. stress).


Ingredients: PEG 32, Lactosum, Polysorbatum 20, PEG 20, Natrii chloridum, Acidum lacticum, Magnesii sulphas, Proteose pepton, Sodium hyaluronate, Extractum Salviae officinalis, Acidum folicum.

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10-20 days depending on the level of symptoms, 1×1 suppository, preferably in the evening, after washing before going to bed.

As a prevention, use the product in long term, weekly 2×1 suppository.

  • Remove the foil on top of the suppository.
  • Insert the suppository deep into the vagina, as shown in the picture.
  • The suppository might slightly stain underwear, therefore it is recommended to use sanitary towels.


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