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Gyntima Probiotica vaginal suppositories

Gyntima Probiotica vaginal suppositories

Treat and prevent vaginal discomfort


Vaginal suppositories Probiotica create a breeding-ground for lactobacilli located in the vaginal flora and ensure their optimal reproduction. These natural milk cultures protect against harmful bacteria and infections and ensure the natural biological balance of the vagina. Lactobacilli suppress the multiplication of putrescent and fungi bacteria.

The composition of Probiotica is enriched with sage extract, which has anti-mycotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and moisturizing effect.

(Packaging: 10 vaginal suppositories)


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More information:

Vaginal suppositories Probiotica are recommended for a long-term use to maintain the healthy environment of the vagina. The suppositories are especially effective during menopause and lactation.

Probiotica vaginal suppositories are recommended in the following cases:

  • if you use antibiotics or other bacteria-destroying remedies which damaged the natural vaginal flora with their drastic disinfectants
  • if you have a discharge, while taking the contraceptive pill or contraceptive devices placed in the uterus
  • after visiting swimming pools
  • after sexual intercourse.


Ingredients: PEG 32, Lactosum, Polysorbatum 20, PEG 20, Natrii chloridum, Acidum lacticum, Magnesii sulphas, Proteose pepton, Extractum Salviae officinalis, Acidum folicum

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For prevention apply the suppositories twice a week, long-term, after the evening hygiene routine.

In case of treatment it is recommended to apply 1 suppository a day. Duration of treatment – 10 days.

  • Start unwrapping the suppository from the side of its tip.
  • Insert the suppository high into the vagina.
  • The suppository might slightly stain underwear, therefore it is recommended to use sanitary towels.
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