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Gyntima products naturally assure the biological intimate balance and prevent the occurrence of intimate problems such as odor, itching, burning and excessive discharge while providing optimum intimate hygiene. The Gyntima product line is the most complex line in terms of female intimate hygiene care which is comprised of vaginal suppositories for treatment and prevention and intimate washing products with optimum pH level.

The Gyntima products have no side effects; they contain natural active substances. They are suitable to ensure chemical and biological intimate balance at every stage of a woman’s life.

How does Gyntima work?

Gyntima creates a breeding-ground for lactobacillus present in the vaginal flora and provides for its optimal reproduction. These natural milk cultures protect from harmful bacteria and infections and assure a natural biological balance of the vagina. Lactobacillus suppresses the reproduction of septic and fungi bacteria.

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Gyntima Hyaluronic vaginal suppositories
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Gyntima intimate washing gel
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Gyntima intimate foam
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Vaginal biocenosis and its importance in women’s general health

The vaginal biocenosis is a combination of microorganisms and fungi that inhabit the vagina. Normally, they are in proportions that provide a genital function and protection against infections.

Physiological vaginal biocenosis is the prerequisite of general and reproductive health of women. Disorders in vaginal biocenosis predispose bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection, and yeast vaginitis. The absence of vaginal lactobacilli in the vagina increases the risk of infection by sexually transmitted diseases. The disorder of vaginal biocenosis can also cause specific complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Disorders of vaginal biocenosis and vaginal inflammation

Disorders of vaginal biocenosis and vaginal inflammation are the most common causes of a woman’s visit to a gynecologist. Dominant symptom of these disorders is vaginal discharge. The most common causes of discharge are bacterial vaginosis, a disorder of physiological vaginal biocenosis with the propagation of anaerobic bacteria or vaginal yeast infection caused by Candida albicans.

The main causes of vaginal biocenosis disorders:

Prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives (while taking hormonal preparations, the substances necessary for the production of lactic acid are much lower, it weakens the optimum balance of the vagina.)

The use of antibiotics (during treatment the number of lactobacilli significantly decreases, vaginal pH value increases, which leads to weakened protection.)

Inflammation of the genital organs

Perfumed soaps, shower gels, bubblebath

Washing underwear with strong laundry products


Probiotics are living organisms, which in case of their sufficient amount have beneficial effect on human health. Lactobacilli are the most common, particularly in healthy women. These bacteria during metabolism are producing lactic acid from the glycogen content of the vaginal epithelium, which is responsible for vaginal acidity. These natural milk cultures protect from harmful bacteria and infections and ensure the natural biological balance of the vagina. Lactobacillus suppresses the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria responsible for bacterial vaginosis.

Any change resulting in reduction of lactobacillus modifies the healthy acid environment of the vagina, which indirectly raises the likelihood of vaginal inflammation. The reproducing pathogens not only attack the separated epithelium (cover tissue) and vaginal surface, but they affect its vulnerability and it can cause the widening of veins. This way, the protective ability of the vagina vanishes and access becomes available for other, often very dangerous pathogens. In other words, if common pathogens normally present in the vagina reproduce, they become capable of reducing the protective tissue of the epithelium.

Small injuries may occur during sexual intercourse. This way, quite a number of pathogens infiltrate into the system. Healthy vaginal mucosa, decreases the likelihood of transmission of most of the sexually infective diseases and assures a relative protection even from relapses.

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