Stop yeast infections this summer

The last thing you want to deal with during summer is vaginal infection and the discomfort it brings. The fact remains however, that we encounter vaginal yeast infection and BV more in the summer months - changes in air temperature and humidity, sweating, wearing wet swimsuits, swimming in chlorinated water, more frequent use of tampons can all trigger vaginal infections….

The balance of the vaginal environment may be disrupted by various factors, and  this imbalance leads to the proliferation of fungi called Candida albicans, which causes vaginal yeast infection.

If you are prone to infections, try to avoid them by wearing cotton underwear, airy clothes and changing into dry swimsuit after bathing and don't forget to support your intimate balance.

Vaginal suppositories Gyntima create a breeding-ground for lactobacilli located in the vaginal flora and ensure their optimal reproduction. These natural milk cultures protect against infections and ensure the natural biological balance of the vagina. Lactobacilli suppress the multiplication of putrescent and fungi bacteria including Candida albicans.

As a prevention we recommend to use Gyntima Probiotica suppositories twice weekly, as a treatment Probiotica Forte with added tea tree oil will act against bacteria and fungi causing infections.

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