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Article: Vaginal dryness can happen at any age

Vaginal dryness can happen at any age

Vaginal dryness can happen at any age

With vaginal dryness being a common problem that affects more than 50% of women after menopause, women are often experiencing vaginal dryness even before they enter menopause.

The chances of you experiencing vaginal dryness may rise if you are: 

  • Going through menopause
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Taking contraceptive pills (birth control) 
  • Taking antidepressants 
  • Have your womb removed (hysterectomy) 
  • Had experienced chemotherapy or other cancer treatments 

These characteristics are likely to bring upon a change in your natural hormone levels. This change in hormones often affects the amount of vaginal discharge and fluid you have. In a healthy vagina, the glands in your cervix produce a natural lubricant that keeps your vagina moist - a small amount of this white discharge is a healthy sign that your vagina is well lubricated and self-cleaning. However, vaginal dryness may also come on as a result if you’re not aroused during sexual intercourse, if you sure perfumed soaps in and around your vagina, or if you have any underlying health conditions, such as diabetes. 

Symptoms of vaginal dryness may include: 

  • Soreness or itching in or around the vagina 
  • Pain or a feeling of discomfort during sexual intercourse 
  • The need for urination more than often
  • Reoccurring urinary tract infections (UTIs) 

Although vaginal dryness is an issue which a high number of women experience, it is often an issue that goes unaddressed due to embarrassment. With women spending almost a third of their lives in a post-menopausal state, it’s vitally important that women come together and talk about these issues that we all experience, therefore making a solution an easier goal. 

The best treatments for vaginal dryness: 

Treatments for vaginal dryness depend on your situation - If your vaginal dryness happens before menopause, the best option is to use vaginal suppositories Gyntima Hyaluronic. It facilitates the regeneration of vaginal mucosa and increases its moisture content. The product contains Hyaluronic acid, which ensures a moist environment.

Vaginal suppositories Gyntima Menopausa, containing Isoflavone-rich soy extract, help to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of menopause-related vaginal dryness. Hyaluronic acid provides a wet environment, the vagina regains its moisture content, which accelerates its regeneration. 

Applying the Gyntima Lubricating gel is recommended to reduce unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse. Active substances help to eliminate physiological problems arising from insufficient lubrication, increase lubricity and reduce the risk of occurrence of minor injuries to the vaginal mucosa. Antimicrobial ingredients limit the potential development of bacterial and yeast infections and Panthenol soothes irritated areas.

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