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Intimate Health

Growing up as a woman in today’s world is an everlasting evolution of changes, growth, and empowerment. One aspect of female advancement is figuring out how your own body works, and why it works in such ways. No matter where you grow up, when you grew up or how you grew up, one common factor that all women alike experience is the intimate health of your body and how you take care of it. A widely taboo subject to most, we believe that the best way to love yourself and learn about yourself is to know about yourself. Because a woman’s intimate health is something that affects every woman, our aim is to ignite a conversation, share knowledge and speak freely about subjects that we are taught to keep in the dark. We are here to erase embarrassment, raise endorsement and tell women that it’s ok to be curious, it’s ok to want to know about it and it’s ok to be comfortable talking about their well-being. Our aspiration is to make products that help you feel comfortable, help you feel strong and help you feel in control of your own body because health, intimate health is wealth. 

A few things you may have not known about your own body:

Within every woman's vagina, there lives vaginal flora which is bacteria that lives inside the vagina. When healthy, they are naturally dominated by various Lactobacillus species, which essentially helps you to keep healthy by holding off the growth of yeast or any other unwanted organisms or bacteria.

Any slight change resulting in a reduction of lactobacillus can modify the healthy acid environment of the vagina, which can indirectly raid the likelihood of vaginal inflammation. Any disorder of a natural balance of microorganisms can predispose bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infection and yeast vaginitis.

In order to maintain a healthy vagina and to restore a lactobacillus dominated environment, research continuously points in the direction of probiotics as they are an innovated and natural way to enhance and develop strong vaginal health and vaginal flora. 

Gyntima creates a breeding-ground for lactobacillus present in the vaginal flora and provides for its optimal reproduction. These natural milk cultures protect from harmful bacteria and infections and assure a natural biological balance of the vagina.

The Gyntima products have no side effects; they contain natural active substances. They are suitable to ensure chemical and biological intimate balance in every stages of a woman’s life.