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Gyntima Probiotica ForteGyntima Probiotica Forte
Gyntima Probiotica Forte
Helps to prevent and treat Vaginal Thrush and BV
Sale price£14.10
Gyntima Whitening creamGyntima Whitening cream
Gyntima Whitening cream
Intimate skincare for pigmentation
Sale price£24.90
Sold outGyntima ProbioticaGyntima Probiotica
Gyntima Probiotica
Helps to prevent and treat BV and vaginal discomfort
Sale price£14.10
Gyntima HyaluronicGyntima Hyaluronic
Gyntima Hyaluronic
Soothes vaginal injuries and eases symptoms of vaginal atrophy
Sale price£14.10
Gyntima Intimate Wash GelGyntima Intimate Wash Gel
Gyntima Intimate Wash Gel
Gently cleanses and regulates pH
Sale price£8.90
Gyntima Intimate FoamGyntima Intimate Foam
Gyntima Intimate Foam
Reguletes pH and helps to prevent infections
Sale price£9.90
Gyntima MenopausaGyntima Menopausa
Gyntima Menopausa
Helps to prevent and treat menopause symptoms
Sale price£14.10
Sold outGyntima DEOGyntima DEO
Gyntima DEO
Naturally removes vaginal odour, balances vaginal pH
Sale price£14.10
Gyntima Children's Wash GelGyntima Children's Wash Gel
Gyntima Children's Wash Gel
Gentle and safe washing gel from age 3
Sale price£7.90
Gyntima stretch mark emulsionGyntima stretch mark emulsion
Gyntima stretch mark emulsion
Regenerating emulsion
Sale price£18.90
Gyntima Lubricating GelGyntima Lubricating Gel
Gyntima Lubricating Gel
With antimicrobial ingredients
Sale price£7.90
Gyntima Intimate Lifting creamGyntima Intimate Lifting cream
Gyntima Intimate Lifting cream
Intimate skincare for skin tightening
Sale price£24.90
Sold outGYNTIMA Fytoprobiotics Capsules
GYNTIMA Fytoprobiotics Capsules
Harmonization of intestinal and vaginal microflora in one capsule
Sale price£0.00